Iron Chief the Skull Breaker

Yingbiao han orc screebgrabs virtical
Yingbiao han wire frame

Hello everyone, it is an honor to present the making of a next-gen video game character Orc. I decided to make an Orc creature because I am always being a huge fan of orcs, especially the ones from WOW. While I was gathering references, I was thinking about the physical features of this character and what kind of environment he would fit in. Then I explored some rough ideas in Zbrush with Dynamesh. The idea was that this guy was designed to serve as a heroic warrior in an ancient orc tribe. And he was known for crushing the enemies’ skulls with his bare hands. With that in mind, I searched for images of tons of body builders and weight lifters in all body shapes, also including animals, costumes, bones and Orc cinematic renders, etc